The Association


In Germany, the work of the youth in the association has been under one roof since 1979. On March 31, the German Deaf Sports Youth – DGSJ – was founded in Ludwigshafen as a recognized youth organization of the umbrella organizations of the German Sports Youth. The aim was above all to centralize the youth work of the North, East, South and West groups in a merger of the sports youth organizations. Thus, we provide access to the youth sports throughout Germany and make the overall structure more transparent.

The official recognition of the DGSJ as a youth organization of the top associations made a targeted and extensive promotion of youth work in the German deaf sports possible. Before 1979, the divisions had sporadically held school and youth championships, which changed.

Under the umbrella of the general association, other means are available. Since then, youth championships have been held in almost all sports organized under the umbrella of the DGS. There are Federal Youth Meetings for young sports enthusiasts.

Self-confidence through sport


Anyone who has ever felt the adrenaline in their veins after a sporting competition, will not let go of it! Sport makes you strong, try it!


Showing the world and proving that people without hearing can play in the top league is our motivation.


Yes, it sounds strange when we “talk”. But for us it also looks funny when you try to dance your name. That’s why we live inclusion.

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