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German Deaf Sport Youth in the DGS e.V.

Sport and play connects people of all nations, all religions and all directions. The same applies to people with a hearing impairment or hearing loss!

We, the German Deaf Sports Youth – DGSJ have set ourselves the goal of facilitating access to sports for young people in Germany with a hearing impairment or hearing loss so that they can develop into happy, self-confident and healthy people. We focus on sports clubs and support young people in achieving personal, sporting excellence.

By organizing sports events such as the Snowfestival 2020 or the U21 Football Europe Cup, we not only want to bring people with hearing loss or hearing impairment together, but also cordially invite everyone. Thereby we would like to strengthen the inclusion and show that top sporting achievements are possible even without hearing!


We may be deaf, but we are strong!

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Deutsche Gehörlosen-Sportjugend (DGSJ) braucht dich als Verstärkung für das DGSJ-Büro!

Die Deutsche Gehörlosen Sportjugend (dgsj) ist die Jugendorganisation im Deutschen Gehörlosen-Sportverband e.V.,dem Dachverband für den Sport von gebärdensprachorientierten Menschen in Deutschland. Unter seinem Dach sind insgesamt 14 Landesverbände, 26 Sportfachsparten sowie 14 Leistungskader organisiert. Neben den Säulen wieLeistungssport und Breitensport sowie Sportentwicklung führen wir die Säule des Jugendsports im Verband zukunftsorientiert weiter. Im Geschäftsbereich Jugendsport suchen wir ab sofort eine*n Jugendreferenten*in und Jugendsachbearbeiter für die administrative Bearbeitung im organisierten…

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The Sports Youth-Team

The DGSJ has set itself the goal to promote children and adolescents with hearing disabilities or hearing loss, so that they can develop into cheerful, confident and healthy people.

Activities and Events

We prove: sport connects!

Our events are intended to bring together sports enthusiasts throughout Europe. That’s why we travel to the countries of Europe to inspire participants of our events!

The DGSJ Sponsors, Promoters and Friends

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Without the support of our sponsors we could not go about our work. Therefore at this point a big thank you to all supporters who make it possible to make thousands of young people through the sport self-confident and strong!

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